About Us
Hunt Hosted Solutions employs technical experts that consult using Microsoft platforms and products. We work with clients developing custom .NET applications and strategic deployments around SharePoint.
Employment Opportunities
We are extremely proud of our staff and their work. Our people are our most critical resource and significant efforts are made mentoring, training and developing our team, ensuring their success (thus, yours). We have a culture of collaboration and teamwork - we have found this as an ideal environment for our line of business.

The employee experience is focused on learning and developing with cutting edge technologies, working on a variety of projects, and most importantly - providing excellent value for our clients. The bonds we encourage to develop between employees are ones of camaraderie, respect, and support.

Hunt Hosted Solutions, Inc.
Core Operating Values
Customer Centric
Our business exists for our clients, and we stay one step ahead of their needs. Everything we do should help position us to better serve our clients. We anticipate their needs, proactively pursue opportunities and develop our business around the client environment. Everything about our company—from how we manage projects, to the skill sets we maintain and develop, to our internal policies—is focused on how to provide the level of products and services that will best suit the business needs of our clients.
We believe in and support our Clients, our Partners, Ourselves, the Team and the Company. We are committed to a partnership between all of the participants in our work, whether they’re individuals or businesses. Through support and respect we can achieve our goals in a mutually beneficial way and create a win-win solution for everyone involved. When we make a commitment to do something, whether it’s meeting a client’s deadline or supporting our employees, we tackle it with the same level of focus and passion.
See everything you touch through to the end. This philosophy applies to all of us, in every endeavor. It’s a value that extends beyond our professional roles to who we are. As an employee of Hunt Hosted Solutions, you’re expected to share the same level of accountability whether you’re working on a complex project or changing the toner in the printer. Once you’ve become engaged in an issue or a task, you own it until it’s resolved or until you’ve passed it on in a way that will ensure its resolution.
Self Improvement
Strive to learn, develop and improve every day. The products and services Hunt Hosted Solutions provides are on the cutting edge, and we’re always striving to improve and refine them. This focus on improvement should also extend to ourselves. Enhancing our technical skills, developing our management skills and improving our communication skills will all help Hunt Hosted Solutions become a better company.
Don’t create defects, don’t accept defects and don’t pass them on. Through critical analysis and review, we do everything we can to eliminate flaws and defects from our products, solutions and daily activities. As a Hunt Hosted Solutions employee, you’re a gatekeeper; your assignment is to prevent problems from being created and propagated in our company and passed on to our clients. If something isn’t right, it’s your obligation to fix it or find the resources to fix it. Don’t just let it go.
Our Employees:
  • Hold themselves to a high level of honesty, integrity and trust
  • Take responsibility for themselves, their team, and their group
  • Accept the consequences of their actions and don’t blame others
  • Are focused and persistent without becoming inflexible and myopic
  • Motivate themselves and others, even during difficult times
  • View every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • Use creative and critical thinking to solve problems
  • Follow through on commitments and responsibilities
  • Always strive to meet or exceed expectations
  • Share successes as well as failures with others
  • Approach every problem with a solution
  • Do what it takes to get the job done right
  • Don’t confuse activity with results
  • Are open to constructive feedback
  • Develop and mentor others
  • Learn from their mistakes
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