Our Philosophy
Hunt Hosted Solutions focuses on the client’s goals every project and delivers solutions that provide immediate business impact. We bring years of business strategy and best practices backed by a team of developers who keep current with Microsoft development platforms, the majority of which have Premier Microsoft certifications. Together with our strategic partners, we offer complete packaged solutions that range from licensing and deployment to end-user training.
Our Customers
Chicago Title
Polygon Northwest
Schnitzer Steel Industries
Clark Nuber
Kennedy Associates
Mahlum Architects
NBBJ Architects
Getty Images
Microsoft Corporation
VQ Orthocare
Young, Conway, Stargatt & Taylor, LLP
Point B
US Navy
Countrywide Financial
Oki Developments, Inc.
Eisenhower & Carlson
Deloitte & Touche
Project Management Institute
Lloyds TSB
Eclipsys Solutions Corp.
Hill & Knowlton
Wild Well Control
Oak Harbor Freight Lines
Eracare Communities
Northwest Autism Foundation
Fidelity National Financial

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"First class service. Excellent listeners and a very detailed understanding of SharePoint allowed us to deliver a solution that had immediate impact. I'd have no qualms in recommending them."

Deloitte & Touche

"Hunt worked closely with us to envision an overall document, reports and information storage and management solution based on Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. Their knowledge of SharePoint along with their technical skills turned our vision into a reality. Hunt remotely developed a dynamic customizable program that gives us the ability to automatically publish 200+ reports each month from our Enterprise Resource Planning and Legacy applications into Sharepoint. With the custom web parts remotely developed by Hunt; our executives, managers and office personnel can quickly and easily locate the reports, documents and information which is meaningful in their management of the business. I would recommend Hunt to any company looking for technology solutions similar to this."

Schnitzer Steel Industries

"When Polygon's existing mission-critical database application began to creak at the seams after seven years of hard use, Hunt Hosted Solutions was able to step in immediately to help us define our requirements for a replacement, and then build us that replacement in a modern .NET and SQL architecture that will provide a solid foundation for us for years to come. They accomplished this inside of nine months; a completely functional, completely modern database application functionally equivalent to or surpassing the old custom application that had been through seven years of constant refinement. Throughout the entire process, we had absolutely excellent communication and support from both program manager and the project team members at Hunt. Everyone, from John all the way down to the most junior programmer, was completely accessible to us when we needed them, and I cannot stress enough what an advantage this is when using a third-party developer. Despite the fact that we were a first-time customer, Hunt provided us every courtesy and convenience through the process that one might expect from a long-term business partner. And because of that, they will become one for us. I have no hesitation recommending them to anyone looking for application or web development work, and Polygon will certainly be using them for such in the future."

Polygon Northwest

"Our portal has been instrumental in speeding up our delivery of products to our customers. Hunt Hosted also delivers the kind of support that we need today. One email and my problem is immediately addressed."

Donna Stern, Chicago Title Insurance Company

"ecoDocshare is easily a time savings factor of 10. I no longer have to mail, fax or drive documents to subcontractors. All I have to do is load them up onto my secure site and invite the subcontractors I want to view the material. It is so easy and the subcontractors and vendor find it really easy as well."

Tim Coulter, President Madison Master Builders Inc.

"Hunt's team is sensitive to a client's business needs, not just selling web-based solutions. The entire Hunt staff delivers quality products, a high degree of professionalism, and do so with a spirit of goodwill and friendship."

Chicago Title/Fidelity National Financial

"Hunt provided technological expertise as well as the capability to successfully roll out our new system."

Hill & Knowlton Technology

"Hunt kept my users working in a nearly impossible document management system cutover. I used to laugh at the idea of a portal server, but Hunt has made me a believer with Microsoft's SharePoint."

Eisenhower & Carlson, PLLC

"Hunt has transformed us from a company that simply has a web site to a company that conducts business and builds relationships through the web."

Chicago Title/Fidelity National Financial

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